Security Consulting

Information Security, Risk and Compliance Services

Mission driven security helps align security efforts with business requirements and need

Security varies from industry to industry and company to company. Our Mission Driven approach uses professional services to advise and provide our clients with the best possible solutions to better protect their most important assets and processes. SageAxcess understands that an organization’s mission must continue. Let us help you meet your security requirements and exceed your corporate objectives.
Our information security and risk management services are designed to give our clients the maximum visibility into their overall security posture and provide practical and actionable recommendations that best fit with how our clients do business. Based on years of direct experience helping clients protect their organizations, let our seasoned team of professionals assist you in keeping yours safe.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

SageAxcess is your strategic resource to help mitigate risk without interfering with the business. Our team of security and risk management consultants bring a blend of real-world experience, technical aptitude, and broad industry knowledge to every project. Our experts assess your organization using our Mission Driven approach and proven methodologies — ensuring thorough testing and analysis of your environment. The Result? A comprehensive view of your overall security posture and an actionable plan to move forward. We identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based upon their inherent risk to your business. We also recommend actionable safeguards that anticipate and mitigate threats. These safeguards protect your assets and the continuity of your business while also helping ensure regulatory compliance.

Vulnerability Management

SageAxcess understands information security and risk. We know having a watchful and insightful eye on the perimeter is necessary for mitigating and managing the risks of conducting business and communicating via the Internet and Cloud. This is the reason we built the Insight Vulnerability Management and Scanning Service. Unlike traditional scanning tools and service providers, Vigilance Insight helps remove the Scan-Patch-Repeat cycle many organizations perform every month. By providing valuable insight and intelligence around all your vulnerabilities you only fix what truly needs to be fixed.

Perimeter Testing Services

Many clients still struggle with properly protecting their perimeter. With our Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Social Engineering exercises you will have the appropriate perspective on how your logical and physical perimeter appear to the outside world. Let our experts assess your perimeter and provide detailed guidance and recommendations to address any identified weaknesses.

Security Technologies

In todays ever evolving threat landscape, identifying which types of technologies you need, which vendor will fit your requirements, and then getting it properly implemented can be a significant challenge. With our technology independent and consultative approach to helping clients select a technology, our clients are guided to the best technical solution, while we work closely with our partners to ensure it is implemented in the most effective way.