Identity Management

Identity and Access Management Services

Can you afford to implement identity management? Can you afford not to?

Readiness Assessment

Taking on an IAM initiative can often be a very complex and difficult task that requires strategic planning. This assessment is designed for a client that needs to define the benefits and determine the organizations readiness for such an initiative. Our goal is to improve the business processes and establish the proper foundation and infrastructure for the creation, maintenance, and usage of digital identities throughout the enterprise.

Directory Services

Organizations often struggle with the manual and time consuming efforts of profiling user access, defining roles, and consolidation of the various user repositories throughout their environment. With our years of experience in Directory Services, we can assist you in these efforts and reduce the overall strain put on your internal resources, while both reducing the effort and improving the quality of the efforts.

Access Management Services

Sometimes clients have built a strong governance and foundation for IAM, but find themselves unsure of what and how to address the actual access component within IAM. Our Access Management services will assist organizations with engineering their roles to align with proper levels of access, establish practical methods for role-based access control, and identify areas where reduced, simplified, and single sign-on solutions can be beneficial.


Selecting the best solution for your needs and then having it implemented properly for your environment can be challenging when faced with the plethora of available options. With our technology independent and consultative approach to helping clients select a technology and implementation partners covering virtually all major vendors, our clients are guided to the best technical solution, while we work closely with our partners to ensure it is implemented in the most effective way.